Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beginning from the beginning.

My emotions towards beginngings has always contradicted themselves completely. My general feeling overall through my many new starts has always brought on anxiety and nervousness. Maybe this has been caused by the stress of beginning school or a new job so many times. But I usually find myself with sweaty palms and a frantic look no matter what I tell myself. Now I can’t deny the thrill caused by beginnings. Starring at a blank canvas or moving into a new apartment always brings about a level of satisfaction and joy. However, I’m at that point in life where I’m being forced into too many new beginnings all at once.

I’ll explain. I just turned twenty three and finished my degree in sociology, I am currently looking for a job so that I can substain liviging with my boyfriend on our own. The purpose for this blog is to combat these new very frightening beginnings with an exciting fresh start. New blog. New life. I want to be able to document this time not only so I can look back on it but so I can remind myself and share the little thing that add up to create positivity. I need to distract myself from the negative. My life involves creativity and little creatures. Art and cats to make it simple. Reflecting on the small details might help to change my sometimes pestimistic views.

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