Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This program continues to grow on a daily basis.

What a busy day. Jason and I signed a lease, met my dad on his lunch break, went to Spanish class, grocery shopped, and did our homework for tomorrow's class. I'm so exhausted and I have to worry about a presentation spoken in EspaƱol tomorrow. However, even though things are coming up quickly I can't hide my excitement for the new apartment and my graduation party! It all seems so unreal. It makes all of the stress and studying worth it.

Though my night has been pretty nice aside from the endless amounts of work. While we were grocery shopping two separate women told Jason and I how adorable we looked together. Both of them commented on how we made the perfect couple. It was so random and sweet that it completely made my shitty Tuesday night perfect. I also have to mention that today in the car we realized that in two months we will have been dating for four years.

Like I said everything is coming up all at once. But at least I can relax and enjoy the company of best friend and my furry little kitty.

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  1. Well of course those ladies said that about you too...way to state a blatant fact ;)

    I love the layout! ADORE! And your labels are the cutest things I've ever seen. I will be checking this five times a day, you can be sure.